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Yogabhyanand Shri Madhavnath Maharaj

Yogabhyanand Shri Madhavnath Maharaj was born on Shak 1779 Chaitra Shukla Pratipada

Shri Madhavnath Maharaj

Shri Madhavnath Maharaj attained spiritual enlightenment in the Balaji temple which contains the sam

Shri Madhavnath Maharaj

Shri Madhavnath Maharaj (1857–1936) was a Hindu saint, of Karvi, Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh


Devgaon of Rangari is situated 11 km away from Lasur station on Manmad-Aurangabad railway. It is 25 km from Aurangabad on foot. Threre are  some houses of his cousins brothers in which   Srinath was born.
On the tenth day of lunar calendar of Falgun Shake 1823, at the time of sunrise Srinaathji was completely immersed in divine bliss, he spoke out: (Yaha mandir dikhata hai) ‘Here A Temple Will Be Built’. It was the divine will of Shrinath. How would a coincidence not occur? Just then a suwasini (a pious married woman) happened to carry water in a pitcher pot. She was indeed fortunate that Shrinathji called her (Tumahara udhhar ho jayega)‘Come here, my child. You will be blessed.’ He took the pot, and with his own hands, dug the soil and poured the water on it to signify the base of the temple.

‘This is the base of the temple’ he said and walked away immediately. Accordingly, a temple was built in due course of time. But the question still remained unanswered as to whose idol to be placed in the temple. Having forecasted the creation of a temple, Shrinathji went immediately to Jagannath Puri via Rameshvaram. There in the state of trance, Shrinathji was approached by a person who carried the idols of Lakshmi and Shri Vyenkatesh. He insisted Shrinathji to take away them and disappeared. the idols were placed in the temple subsequently on Falgun Sh. 10 shake 1834. The idols of Shri Vitthal and Satyanarayan were also brought from Pandharpur. It seemed that Lakshmi, Venkatesh and Datta followed Shrinathji wherever he went. The temple is double storeyed. Presently, it is the residence of Shri Venkatnath Maharaj, Shri Baba Maharaj and Shri Satyanath Maharaj.