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Shir Nath Mandir, Nagpur

Shrinath stayed at Bapurao Galli, Itwri, at Khati’s House from 02-01-36  to 01-03-36. Shrinath Maharaj never took care of his health and instead did so many activities for welfare and prosperity of devotees. Shrinath abandoned his sacred body at Hinganghat in the lap of Shri Balaji Khati. Nath had previously declared that the devotees should continue Purnarati  on every Thursday infront of the “Nath Gadi (Seat)”which will remain at the same place where it was kept. Since then the Purnanrati is being sung by devotees on every Thursday. After some years, temple was constructed in front of Khati’s house where Padukas and idol of Shrinath has been placed. Daily worship, Panchapadi and weekly Purnarati are performed before Shrinathji’s Gadi regularly and enthusiastically. Various festivals are also celebrated among the presence of huge number of devotees. 

Shri nathji’s Padukas are also placed and worshipd at Dr. Deshmukh’s bunglow, Shanti Nagar, Nagpur. Here also Bhajans and daily worships are performed regularly.

Shrinath  trust performs various religios programs near RSS Office Nagpur.

 The number of devotes are increasing rapidly Devotees are deeply involved in the Nathbhakti.   Nagpurians  started the tradition of celebrating  “Prakat Dinotsav Sohala” on the day of ‘Makar Sankranti‘ since more than 35 years.  The celebration of palkhi sohala is worth involving.

Shrinath stayed at Hinganghat from 04-01-36  (Wednesday) to  14-03-36 (Saturday) at the mansion of Smt. Rakhamabai Shingru. The place is very well known to all the Nathbhakata as ‘Mahanirvan ’ took  place in the same mansion. One of the rooms where nath stayed is used as Pooja Room  and daily worship is being performed without omission.  All the festivals are celebrated with zeal and fervor by devotees.