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The Nath Mandir at Indore is one of the most important source of spiritual awakening for the Nath Bhaktas. This holy place was constructed under direct supervision and guidance of Shri Madhavnath Maharaj, before taking Samaadhi. Today also it is an important source of Nath Sampraday Activities.

Four imporatant publications by Shrinath Mandir, Indore (M.P.), are (1) 'Shreenath Sanjeevani', (2) 'Shreenath Deepa Prakash' which a detailed biography of Madhavnath Maharaj written through Nathsoot, and, (3) 'ShriMadhavnath Charit Navneet' sung by Nathancha Vishwanath (Late V.S.Mahashabde), which a preci of Madhavnath Deep Prakash, and (4) Shreenath Geetanjali, a collection of Bhajans for daily use, composed by Nathsoot and sung in presence of Shri Madhavnath Maharaj. All these publications in hard and CD form are available at Indore Nath Mandir.

Shri Nath Mandir Indore Website : http://www.nathmandirindore.org